Porsche 911 \ LS1-X Billet Water Pump Adapter                                                 

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                                        Porsche911\LS1-X  WaterPumpAdapter                                                   

                                                 Patent Number D678,911S
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   Available For Purchase (Patent Pending)

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New Design - Patent Pending

Billet Aluminum Water Pump Adapter
2 – Water Pump Gaskets
6 - Bolts M8 x 1.25 x 80mm
2 - Straight 1 inch NPT fittings (1.25 inch hose size)
2 - 1 inch NPT Plugs
Billet Aluminum Water Pump Adapter
Note the versatility of this unit, note the different inlet and outlet configurations
ToyJet wpa 1
ToyJet wp 2
In stock and is available for immediate shipping
In stock and is available for immediate shipping
Plus Shipping $20.00

For "non" LS1 engines
For Small Block Chevorlet 350 and 400
ToyJet wpa 0
Water Pump & Adapters
Plus Shipping
$350.00  *Plus Shipping
                   ToyJet wpa 2
ToyJet wpa 2
Water Pump
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World's First LS1 Corvette Engine Powered
       Supercharged Porsche 911
      You can order the below parts from Jegs High Performance Parts

                                             Water Pump  
                           Jegs Part Number 50950 (50 GPM)

                       Hose Fittings Jegs Part Number 50905-3
               O-Ring Style Hose Adapter ·  1-1/4'' Blue Anodized