The Toyjet High Performance Cooling System
relate to [automobiles having water cooled rear engines] and more particularly the V8 conversion done to the Porsche 911.

The front spoiler beneath the bumper of the automobile must be modified to install new body panels beneath the bumper to provide an airway to
cool the front-mounted radiator. To install the front-mounted radiator you must cut out the trunk section of the vehicle, relocate the battery, and
in some cases:
the gas tank must be removed then cut in half  to make room for the front-mounted radiator (this procedure makes it difficult to
restore the vehicle back to its factor condition if desired). Your safety is compromised by having to run exposed water hoses beneath the vehicle
from the front of the vehicle to the rear of the vehicle to provide coolant from the radiator to the engine.


Patent no.(6505696)

The front of the automobile does not have to be modified. Under no circumstances does the battery have to be relocated, nor the gas tank
removed and cut in half to make room for  a front mounted radiator. Water hoses
do not have to be run from the front of the automobile to the
rear in order to provide coolant from the radiator to the engine. The single most advantageous benefit of the ToyJet cooling system is the fact
that if a radiator hose were to accidentally burst (while doing your 180 mph +) it would burst behind the rear wheels (since the radiator is rear
mounted and all hoses are past the back wheels) lessening the danger of you going out of control because of slippery antifreeze on your rear

The Toyjet High Performance Cooling System :

The radiator is mounted at the rear of the automobile affixed to the rear Deck Lid. There is an inlet and outlet conduit (such as a water
hose), in order to transfer cooled engine coolant from the radiator to the engine. There are two 2.5 inche holes which must be drilled into
the rear decklid to run the coolant hoses from the radiator to the engine. There is an electrically operated fan disposed adjacent the radiator
for moving air through the radiator. There is an electrically operated water pump for moving coolant through the system. Accordingly, the
radiator system can be virtually concealed. It is recommended to mount the Toy-Jet cooling system to a spare decklid to allow you to store
your original decklid in a safe place to enable you to re-store your vehicle to its original state if desired.

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Toy-Jet high Performance Cooling System
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