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Both conversions were completed by 2000
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  Houston Auto Rama 2004
Won "Best in Class" with both cars
I'd like to thank the Conversion experts who ridiculed instead of complimented me, who told me in 1999
this conversion could not be done.  It is you who gave me the most motivation to go on and; "Just do it!".
May God bless you all.

To do this conversion, you do not use any of the heavy factory LS1 front engine parts (water pump,
alternator, AC compressor etc.) Much lighter components are used and you do not to have to use the heavy
belt driven water pump used by most conversion shops. The motor mounts serve two purposes, engine
mounts and mounting brackets for the belt driven components. As testimony to the LS1's lightness, my car
went up one inch at the rear of the vehicle after the LS1 installation.
This enabled me to not have to beef up
my rear suspension as you are recommended to do by most other conversion companies.

Other motivating factors: 139 mph had gotten just plain board.

Stock 3.0 Porsche Engine -vs- LS1 Corvette Engine installed in a Porsche 911

                       Stock 3.0 Porsche Engine:

The factory 1980 Porsche SC 3.0 liter engine is 178 hp @ 5600 rpm, and have a torque range of 175 ft/lbs. @
4200 rpm. Top speed with the stock 1980 Porsche engine is 139 mph. with 3.88 rear end gears.

                          LS1 Corvette Engine:

The LS1 Corvette engine is 350 cubic inches (5.7 liter), 345 hp @ 5600 rpm, and have a torque range of 350
lb/ft. @ 4400 rpm. The LS1 Corvette engine (equipped with a supercharger) enables me to go 184 mph in
forth gear. However, with no roll cage, I limited myself to going 155 mph. with a 240 lb. witness in the
passenger seat. Sorry I have not went to fifth gear yet, which is capable of top speeds in excess of 200 mph.

You can have the best of four worlds:

  • Low maintenance
  • Good gas mileage
  • Quarter mile times of MID to HIGH 11 seconds
  • Daily driver with incredible top in speed.

All of the above can be accomplished in the comfort of cold AC.

My quarter mile time ran thus far (11.94 sec at 114 mph.) was done with a conservative take off at the starting
line because of the stock Porsche axles. (Refer to the Test and Tune video at my home page to see my first
successful pass at Houston Raceway Park). I now have a set of racing axles that can easily hold up to the
challenge of high torque and high horse power. I have since returned back to the track and ran another
conservative pass at 11.59 @ 123 mph. Not bad for a daily driver in street trim (no street slicks or soft
compound tires, no high octane fuel). I ran the Toy-Jet down the track the same way I drive it every day (on
street radial tires).

Since the installation of my new axles the Toy-Jet has acquired a taste for Z06 Corvettes, and have proven to
harbor the vaccine for the new supercharged venomous Cobra GT and Dodge Viper GTS.

I have the only V8 conversion kit to date, which does not require any major modifications (cutting of
the front end of the vehicle) to the body of the vehicle. You can completely reverse the process as if it
never happened.

Why settle for less when you can have the best!                                        
More reason to go with the new all aluminum LS1 Engine

Maximum engine speed is 6200 rpm. All this performance comes from a package measuring an half-an-inch
shorter, and 66 pounds lighter than the legendary Generation ll cast iron block. Some of us still compare
today's power rating to the gross power fiqures of the 1960s. If that was still being used, the LS1 would put
out about 390-400hp. Most notable is that this engine is the first two-valve V8 to reach the one-net-
horsepower-per-cubic inch plateau. That is a monumental engineering achievement.

Bottom line..... The new LS1 is one hell of an engine.

In conclusion

Some people who have only seen my conversion via the Internet and some of those who have
only heard about it, have accused me of trick photography.

Now this! I will cherish as the highest compliment that could be paid to
anyone in the conversion business.

The #1 mosts asked question;  How long did it take you to invent the LS1 Porsche 911&914
conversion process?

Thirty one days from start to finish, working daily in my home
garage after normal work hours.

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